Hi we are Anita and Ariana- two best friends who share a love for fashion and style  . Writing The Newest Wrinkle is a way for us to start pursuing our dream job of being journalists.  We realized that instead of just reading about fashion for the fun of it, we could make my knowledge and research useful. Posts on our blog are on a variety of topics. We write about haute couture, ready-to-wear, designers, and just everyday trends that we see in the street. Also, check out our “blog event” category for interactive activities such as contests, quizzes and polls. We post every other day. If you like The Newest Wrinkle, be sure to like , comment , and follow! Please tell your friends about the site as well !


35 responses to “About

  1. complete, clean, intelligent, and very interesting. keep the good job going i love your blog and i will follow you girls. keep the magic of fashion flowing on your blog

  2. Like the clean layout. It’s always fun to cross paths with other fashion lovers. I tend to stick to East Asian trends, so it’s cool to hear about other areas. Best of luck with your goals!

  3. pfff! describes perfectly what me and my best friend (anita) wanted to do and what was the.reason for us to start writing! ! but.we decided to have separate ones,for more ideas! awesome job girls! kisses

    • Thank you so much! We admire how supportive you are and can not thank you enough!
      – Anita and Ariana

  4. You have classic fashion-forward style sense. I am more on the jewelry side. The post you liked on my Jewels Spotlight blog, “Cozy Sunday,” highlights a sample of accessories from my online fashion jewelry boutique named Autumn’s Way. My shop, Lauren’s Picks, is filled with countless more jewels I hand select from inventory my parent co., Kitsy Lane, receives from emerging and talented designers. (Your sketches are incredible.) Your blog magazine is intriguing and one to keep an eye on. I will leave my boutique address should you want to check out the jewelry end of fashion. Autumn’s Way – http://laurenalain.kitsylane.com

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