DIY Muscle Tee: Part One (Measuring/ Cutting Armholes)

Muscle tees have been big this summer. They fall into perfect sync with the sought after “boho” or “edgy” look. They are also quite versatile, and can be worn to workout on hot days, for the beach, or when going out. With a little creativity we have discovered the shirts are surprisingly easy to make with a few simple materials.



– an old tee shirt

– fabric cutter (scissors work also, however result in frays)

– a ruler

– a marker

– something to put underneath the shirt (to protect the surface you are working on; preferably a cutting mat. ( Cardboard also works well)



1. Spread your shirt out smoothly on the matt. If you are using something less sharp than a fabric cutter, such as a scissor, slide your cutting mat through the hole of the shirt to separate front and back. This will make for an easier cut.

2. Use a ruler to mark where you would like to cut the arm holes. Make sure that you mark it evenly on both sides so that one armhole is not lower than the other. We suggest making the marks 3 inches below the armpit and 5.5 inches in from the collar.


3. Begin to cut your shirt from the shoulder downwards. For a clean cut, use a fabric cutter as shown above. For a more distressed look use scissors, a cardboard cutter, or fray with sandpaper. You can put the cutting mat inside the shirt, separating the front and back, and cut each side individuals. This is recommended for people who do not have a fabric cutter because scissors or a cardboard cutter will be unlikely to be sharp enough to cut both sides at once.


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