Fringe Bathing Suits- Yay or Nay?

Fringe booties, bags, and tee’s were huge for 2013. They all were worn for the purpose of achieving a bohemian and casual look, one greatly desired by the younger generation. For the summer, boots and sweaters are out of the question. What has caught on like wild fire is the trend of fringe bathing suits, almost always in the form of bikinis. The top of a bikini, typically in a neon color but also black, is often concealed by a single layer of thick fringe, as shown below. A pair of solid bottoms are paired with the look to balance out the busy top. People either love or hate the suits, there is very little gray area.

While  it seems as though every store for teens carries at least one fringe bikini, just because something is a trend does not mean it is in style, as displayed by “trends” including uggs and now, vans. But what really is attractive about a bunch of strings dangling from the top of a bathing suit? It look like a mess, to be honest. The strings are neither suitable for the vintage distressed look nor the clean preppy look. Perhaps the fringe had western cowboy origins but the neon colors and absence of any other western touches defeats the authenticity. What is particularly unattractive is fringe which hangs lower than one suit and falls over one’s stomach. A bunch of hanging strings on one’s body is not at all trendy.If they are not the most appealing they may at least be practical, but no. These bathing suits have failed us yet again since the strings can be quite annoying, they bob around in the water around the wearer like hundreds of tiny arms. They tangle and cling onto things also. Why exactly are these suits so popular? There is no reason, but rather they are merely a fad, like most trends in the teenage world.






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