Canadian Tuxedos: Do’s and Dont’s

As denim jackets, tee shirts, bralettes, and skirts grow increasingly popular in the fashion world and are now considered a staple item, many have completely butchered the concept. In school, a popular look is the boring pair of a denim shirt and leggings, but every once and awhile there is that person who decides that a boxy denim shirt paired with a pair of skinny jeans is a good look- they undoubtedly do not pull it off. Although the all denim look, or “Canadian Tuxedo”, is extremely hard to pull of, it is not impossible, as Rihanna displays here. There are certain rules to follow by when trying to work the all denim look however, which we will discuss in this post.

Good:ri ri canada tux   Bad:bad canadian tux

1.)  Don’t match your denim completely.

All outfits need a little balance of colors, unless you are going for the monochromatic look. A monochromatic denim look does not work no matter how hard you try, so I suggest it is not attempted. There should be some contrast in the color of denim you wear, as Rihanna demonstrates here. She wears a washed out denim top with slightly darker jeans. Another option is a dark top with light wash jeans, although dark jeans are typically more classy and many would agree that they produce a better final product.


2.) Balance Out the Fit

Baggy jeans and a baggy top looks sloppy. On the other had, tight jeans and a tight top looks like a hooker seems fitting only on a hooker. One always wants to balance out an outfit with both loose and tight pieces. The rule applies to all outfits but since the top and the bottom of a canadian tuxedo are so similar, you want them to contrast as much as possible, making the rule especially important. Currently, skinny jeans are very popular as are loose tops, together they would make the perfect proportions for your outfit. Not only is this on trend but shadows and folds in a loose top can make the material look completely different from the tightly stretched one of the jeans. The color can also change due to the wrinkled texture of the fabric. Therefore, your outfit will look more like a sophisticated and get up and less like a pair of overalls.


3.) Break Up Your Denim

Yes, the point of a Canadian Tuxedo is to have an all denim look, but, even Rhianna must break up her denim in order to work it. Something, whether it be some a belt, bag, or form of jewelry, should break up the denim you wear to produce a more cohesive and interesting look Rihanna uses a fanny pack to add an element of texture and edginess to her look, which believe it or not, are extremely popular and edgy at the moment. Rihanna’s same look could transform from edgy to classy or even preppy with a skinny colored belt, perhaps a pink color,and a gold watch. A statement necklace for a buttoned up denim top paired with a bold bag or something that falls in between shirt and bottoms complete a Canadian Tuxedo perfectly.


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