Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Fashion Mishaps

Watching one’s body suddenly morph into an abnormally shaped and protruding sphere is difficult, despite the miraculous end result. What is even more problematic, however, is dressing for one’s new and ever growing pregnant stomach and body. While maternity clothes are designed to fit, they simply are not fashion forward and do not suffice for a fashionista under the spotlight like Kim Kardashian. While Kim has clothing tailor made for her body and style preference, she hasn’t recently been eaten alive with rude and bold remarks calling her a “whale”, and criticizing the celebrity’s pregnant body. While there is no way to change Kim’s body shape and size, the appearance of it can be greatly improved and her pregnant bump can be hidden away with the right clothing. So we enclose some outfits of Kims with details of where they went wrong and pointers of what she, and all expecting mothers, should avoid.

Here, Kim is daring with her pregnant body and tries out a color blocked black and white look, completely on trend for the Summer time. While the dress itself is quite elegant and screams Kim Kardashian, it is not at all flattering for this mom-to-be. A boxy and shapeless dress such as this clings to Kim’s curves in the back, but just hangs in the front and only makes her appear to be wider from the side profile. The half-and half color of this dress cuts Kim’s body into two, accentuating the baby-bump in white, practically highlighting it. The dress from the front however is not quite as bad, for the white is more a flap which covers Kim’s bump a bit. Although the dress is a stylish idea and looks ok from the front, a side profile glance at this ensemble is rather unflattering.

This ensemble of Kim’s is a step below her black and white look. Here, she wears a kelly green colored knee length bodycon dress, with a matching colored heel. I truly do not believe this look would have worked to Kim’s benefit, even before her pregnancy. Although the color is quite flattering for Kim’s skin tone, a monochromatic look is not flattering for a pregnant body, while prints break up the bump. The dress is first of all, far too tight on the celebrity, and therefore every curve and even her belly button is exposed through the stretched fabric. The dress pulls in all of the wrong areas, not that there is a right area for this tension in the material. A skin tight knee length dress is like a suction cup to one’s body, not at all something that should be looked for on a pregnant person.

Although in the previous looks Kim has been showing off her bump, here she seems to be trying to hid it. Here she wear a kind of one piece garment (I really dont know if there is a name for it) in a sherbert orange color with warm toned jewelry, sandals, and shoes. A high waist can easily draw attention away from a baby bump (that is why high waisted tops are called ‘baby dolls’: they are designed originally for pregnant women). The outfit would have been perfect if not for a major detail. The bottom of the garment poofs out, similarly to harem pants except to a degree that makes her thighs look enlarged. Hiding a bump should not be at the expense of making one’s hips look doubly wide and one’s thighs twice as fat. A straighter line for the pants would have hid Kim’s swollen belly while keeping her figure looking slim.

last kim pregnancy fashion


In this look above, Kim is wearing a floor length maxi dress. Again, this is a flowing piece with a high waist line which effectively hides Kim’s bump. However, once again, it has the steep price of making Kim look wider than she is. This time the focus is not on the hips or thighs but on the arms, shoulders, and bust. There are two factors making Kim’s top half look wide. First, the neckline is completely straight, elongating the size of Kim’s bust, not making her look wide. Then, the sleeves are off the shoulder making this neckline even longer and making poor Kim look even wider. Although she seems to have mastered the art of “bump-hiding” on some occasions, she still need to make sure that she doesn’t make her body look worse that is really is.




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