Look for Less: Rita Ora

RIta Ora has been a rising celebrity, not only in the world of music, where she undoubtedly recognized, but also in the world of fashion. She can be spotted at any top fashion events, from after parties, backstage with the models, or sitting in the audience (front row, of course) in the company of icons like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevigne. Naturally, obtaining a pass into the most exclusive social groups on the globe does not come without a price (or reward) : and amazing wardrobe. One can not walk arm in arm with Cara in a hoodie and sweats. Rita Ora as a style as unmistakable as her bright blond hair. Hers in one to envy, and when possible, recreate, which is why we have given you suggestions and tips on how to recreate the look displayed below.

Here, Rita Ora wears a look which follows exactly what is “on trend” as of right now- a beanie, muscle tee, high waisted shorts, tons of arm candy, all distressed and vintage with modern touches. This look seems to be only achievable by a celebrity, but why can’t you rock the same look? A tight budget for ever-rising clothing expenses becomes a primary problem, but it is unnecessary to have a celebrity-wallet to dress like one. Here are some pieces which closely resemble the one’s Rita Ora wears in this picture, for a fraction of the astronomical price.


First is the beanie which Rita Ora wears and adds a pop of color and personality into her otherwise simple look. The hat from this etsy site is a mirror image of the one which Ora sports here, and for a reasonable price of $25.00. Such a beanie is great for boring and simple in both color scheme and dimension outfits.




Next is Ora’s original white muscle tee, frayed at the sleeve and hem- this top is slightly harder to duplicate, however is not impossible. A top very similar to that of Rita Ora can be both hand made or purchased. The top below has an equal amount of character as this celebrities, and is edgy while simple and comfortable. A white muscle tee or tee shirt can be purchased, cropped, and distressed with tools from one’s local craft store to simulate such a daring tee.

Next come Rita’s distressed, high waisted, jeans shorts. This are not particularly unique as tehy can be found at many modern, “hipster” stores like urban outfitters or pacsun. However they

are not confined to stores. Many of these shorts can be made at home with pair of high waisted jeans, scissors and sandpaper. This way, one can monitor the amount of distress and the length of the shorts, for a fraction of the price. We will not go into detail about the current popularity of these shorts as we have discussed them on multiple occasions in previous posts.

Last but certainly not least in Rita Ora’s casual street appropriate look is her jewelry- simple in color, but bold in size and quantity. Layering jewelry is huge for 2013, whether it be rings, necklaces, or most popular of all, the arm candy. Simple and understated bracelets similar to Ora’s can be found at stores including Brandy Melville, Wanelo ( shown above), and Forever 21. Such simple bracelets can be purchased by the dozen and utilized to complete and add to any look. The necklace above, although seemingly intricate and expensive, is only $33.00 from Capwell. The necklace is extremely versatile and can go from very casual to dressed up when paired with a blank canvas of a top, such as the distressed muscle tee mentioned previously. An old watch and some vintage rings finish off your look- Brandy Melville is an exceedingly popular site for boho and edgy rings which would perfectly complete such a look. Finish off  Ithe look with a bold red lip which will add some color and bring out one’s beanie, and have walk down the streets looking like a celebrity!


Although shoes are not shown in Rita Ora’s picture, the casual look should be paired with a casual or edgy choice of shoe- a pair of white or navy converse, some white creepers, or brown combat boots to finish of the look.


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