Daisy Child

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As described in a previous post, the color scheme of black and why is in abundance for the imminent season of Summer. However at the same time, “ the flower child” look is one to achieve during this season, and so the Daisy print was born. It seems as though florals are always “in” for the Spring and Summer, however never before has a specific flower been so popular. The daisy print is covering any form of clothing, whether it be tee-shirts, muscle tees, on the rims of sunglasses, and even along the pockets of shorts. Although for our regular readers we may sound repetitious, trends are coming back, many of them being pulled from the 70s and 80s era. One returning trend is the daisy pattern, a hippie style print, often combined with braided leather, long necklace chains, and flowing skirts. The daisies were most likely first used in hair, as head band or tucked behind the ear, for a free “flower child” look, over time they were copied onto dresses and shirts. Flowers in the hair are exceedingly popular recently as well, and are worn in large and elaborate crowns which are often times daisies or sunflowers, which are just as popular as the daisy. Many are becoming creative with the new trend and partaking in DIY’s, or “ Do It Your Self’s”. Small daisies, sunflowers, or any flower from one’s local craft store can be purchased and glued onto sunglasses, shorts, the bottom of a skirt, or a tee to instantly transform them into something that looks like it is off the racks of Urban Outfitters. Speaking of which, there is a DIY post to come. Here are some pictures of the ways in which Daisies and Sunflowers are transforming staple items.


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